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The Art of Photography has become my passion since 2006 when I came to my mid-life renaissance. The idea of capturing a moment in time is so very powerful when one is able to do it well.

I have chosen to display a broad spectrum of my work - in part to highlight all of the beauty surrounding us here in Maine. My work is centered in and around southern Maine - as is my life. To coin a phrase, "Life is Good" here and at times I am often fortunate to reflect that in my photography.

One of my first learnings when I was new to the field, was how important observation is - truly a key skill in capturing a moment...blink and it could be a part of the past. I tend to move quickly through life as a person, but am always observing the world around me to see what I might capture. It brings me such joy to find one more high-quality image to share with the world!